Custom Industrial Equipment


Product Description

Lancaster Automated Systems can provide higher productivity for your Lancaster Mixers or other processing equipment. Bulk material storage and automatic batching require less manual movement of materials and produce faster batching times, which means better labor and equipment utilization.

Our systems result in a lower cost of materials, as bulk bag or truckload material prices are generally lower and the cost of purchasing and disposing bags is eliminated. Bulk material storage and handling usually requires less space than manual bag handling methods.

Automatic batching produces a more accurate dispensing of materials and is more reliable than manual methods. It also can provide full batch traceability.

Our systems utilize full computer controls with adjustments made via a touch screen interface.

Finally, a Lacaster System means less back breaking work for your employees, less dust emissions into your plant, and less direct contact between your employees and materials all providing a healthier, more pleasant, and more productive place to work.

All Lancaster Systems are customed designed to meet the customer’s specific needs.

How It Works

Lancaster Systems are designed and manufactured to control and automate your material storage, transporting and batching processes. A Lancaster System may be as simple as a day bin with a screw feeder and weigh hopper for the batching of a major ingredient. Other systems may be as complete as a multi-story batching tower with bulk silo storage, pneumatic material conveying, individual batching of all materials, real time inventory, and a computer printout of every batch for complete traceability for quality control.

All Lancaster Systems are customed designed to meet the customer’s specific needs.


system_1The photo above is a Lancaster System ready for transport from our manufacturing facility. Although most systems are assembled on the customer’s site, some systems can be fully assembled and shipped from our facility.

Construction is dependant on the needs of our customers. Please contact us to discuss your application requirement.