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  Table Feeder - Live Bottom Bin
Table Feeder

A Lancaster Rotary Table Feeder could be an important part of your industrial material processing equipment line.  Industrial table feeders are used when the moving and feeding of powder or granular substances is necessary. Our custom table feeders:

  • May be used with difficult flowing materials 
  • Convert batch processes into continuous process
  • Variable flow rates easily achieved 
  • Include custom table diameters and storage volumes

Variable Flow Rates
Our feedersí variable flow rates can provide even flow of material from the table feeder to your downstream processing equipment.  The flow rate is adjusted by changes in the angle of the discharge plate and table rotation speed - turning an intermittent process into a continuous flow process.

May be Used with Difficult Flowing Materials
Our table feeders have the ability to discharge difficult-to-move materials: materials that bridge over openings or stick together.  We can test your material in our feeder to find the best match for your business needs.

Custom Table Diameters
The table diameters range from 24 in to 6 feet. For larger dimensions, please Contact Lancaster Products.

Table feeders are particularly helpful in moving sticky or hard to feed materials. They are also very useful in converting an intermittent batch process into a continuous material feeding process.

For bin discharging applications, the industrial table feeder attaches directly to the bin walls forming the bottom of the bin. Some of the most difficult flowing materials can then be evenly fed from the bin. The table feeder can also convert a batching process into a continuous process. The cone and cylinder over the table is then used as a surge hopper to temporarily store the material batch while the table feeder continuously discharges the material. The storage volume is dependent on your needs and flow rate (lbs/hr or tons/hr).  The entire assembly can be called known as a live-bottom bin.

How The Table Feeder Works & Table Feeder Construction




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