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Lancaster Products designs and produces material processing equipment for customers in over 50 countries and serving industries as diverse as ceramics, glass, refractories and proppants. Lancaster Products has become a leader in material processing equipment and has developed a world-wide standard for rugged, dependable, and quality machinery.


• K1 – K5 mixers available
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• K1 – K5 mixers available
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Latest News

The Role of Binders in High Shear Mixing, Pelletizing, and Granulating

Binders are a key ingredient in agglomerating, granulating and pelletizing applications. Considered an inactive ingredient, Binders are critical in allowing for agglomeration and holding the structure of the pellets together. Many of our customers are pleasantly surprised of how efficiently the Lancaster High Shear Counter Current Mixer can pelletize utilizing low amounts of binders when compared to alternate methods of granulation. The advantage lies in the Lancaster Mixer’s ability to rapidly homogenize tiny amounts of minor ingredients into large amounts of majors. Because the binder is so efficiently dispersed throughout the mix, only the optimal amount of binder is used. Less effective mixing techniques require more binder than in a Lancaster Mixer, because the binder is not as effectively dispersed throughout the mix.

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Lancaster Products High Shear Mixer Design Enhancements – Discharge Assemblies

Lancaster Products has introduced design enhancements to the K-Series High Shear Counter Current Mixer line. Through our continuous improvement initiatives our engineers identified various areas of design refinement focused on improving our customer’s maintenance experience, reducing manufacturing time and enhancing the mixer’s overall design. We are featuring our new and enhanced discharge assembly design.

Keyless connections

Lancaster Product engineers created a simple yet elegant solution to improve the discharge valve design by moving from a keyed assembly to a keyless locking device. The new design is less complex than its predecessor and performs better than the previous discharge style. The new keyless connection enhances performance over the old design and will be easier to maintain and service.

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Improvements in Processing Chicken Manure Based Fertilizer

Chicken manure is a common ingredient in residential, commercial, and industrial fertilizer products due to its high nutrient content and widespread availability. In an unprocessed form, raw chicken manure can burn and damage plants, contains harmful pathogens to people and animals and is difficult to handle. Because using unprocessed manure as a fertilizer is not a viable commercial option, processes must be established to utilize heat to kill pathogens and then granulate manure into a useful, transportable, and sellable product. In granulated form, chicken manure based fertilizer offers several advantages over powdered based fertilizers such as decreased nutrient runoff, easier transportability and handling and more controlled spreading.

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