Building Material Mixing and Pelletizing

Lancaster Products has extensive experience in mixing, blending and agglomerating building materials.  The Lancaster Mixer is a durable machine that is perfectly suited for processing a wide variety of top notch building materials such as dry mortar, grout, concrete, specialty concrete products, clay and lightweight build aggregate.  The Lancaster high shear mixer produces superior repeatable results for quality materials.  The intensive blending action imparts a tremendous amount of energy into the mix allowing for more homogenous mixes and shorter processing times than can be achieved with conventional ribbon or paddle mixers. 

In addition, the Lancaster Products Engineering staff has extensive experience in processing a wide variety of building materials.  Our knowledge with these material types allow Lancaster Products to not just to build a superior machine but also design your process and a mix design that can be taken directly to production. 

Dry Mortar    

Lancaster Products offers complete system solutions for the dry mortar industry. Our systems include raw material feeding, high precision batching control, high intensity mixing of raw materials and controlled discharge to packaging operations.
Complete batching system designs include controls to allow the mixer to process a wide range of formulations in a single Lancaster Mixer.

Lancaster Products designs and manufactures complete systems for the blending of grout materials. Due to the high energy generated from the mixing tools in the mixer, we are able to blend multiple grout components including very small portions of colorant to ensure a homogeneous mixture is created in every batch processed.

A complete system design can be accomplished to include raw material feed systems, bulk bag unloading equipment, day storage bins, batching and weighing systems, mixing and controlled feed to the bagging system.

Lancaster Products produce UHPC (Ultra High Performance Concrete). Our mixers are used for concrete testing for highway departments.  
Because of the excellent mixing characteristics of the Lancaster Mixer there is improved distribution of cement and pigments within the mixture.  Our mixers produce an excellent consistency and quality thereby reducing flaws in high visibility facing concrete.

Clay Preparation

Lancaster Mixers excel at providing superior homogeneity, final chemistry, economy of moisture, and overall efficiency in the manufacturing process.  Lancaster Mixers are used to produce a wide variety of clay products through both clay body process and extrusion processes.  In addition, the Lancaster Mixer’s pelletizing high intensive action is being employed to produce cutting edge products such as high strength clay body proppants and clay filaments for robotic additive manufacturing. 

Pottery Clay Body Products

·       Earthenware

·       Stoneware

·       Porcelain

Extruded Products

·       Architectural terra cotta

·       Tiles

·       Clay piping

Complete batch system designs include formulation adjustment controls to accommodate a wide range of formulations within in a single Lancaster Mixer.  Consistent blending of multiple clays, including very small portions of colorant, ensure a repeatable homogeneous mixture for every batch processed.


Specialty Cement Preparation

Lancaster Mixers are the perfect tool for specialty cement blending.  Spray applications of these blends have been used in the process of reinforcing the walls of a tunnel.

Through the efficient homogenous blending of cement with fly ash additives, our Lancaster mixing technology, is promoting high strength concrete possessing the attributes of: improved workability, reduced process water demand, as well as minimum shrinkage and permeability?  

Our Lancaster Mixer high intensive blending technology promotes consistently repeatable colored cement & stucco products. 

Specialty Epoxy Preparation

Lancaster Mixers are the perfect tool for specialty epoxy blending.  Our Lancaster mixing technology, is used for custom color flooring system additives where consistently repeatable colors and textures are required.

Specialty Concrete Preparation
Lancaster Mixers provide specialty concrete preparation for spray applications used in the process of reinforcing the walls of a tunnel.

Blending of Raw Materials
Blending of raw ingredients in the Lancaster Mixers are used to produce expanded clay products for use commercial decorating or as a light weight aggregate in the building industry.


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