Mixer Granulation

Lancaster Products is a world leader at providing high value granulation solutions for our customers.  Using our proprietary mixing knowledge and technology, Lancaster Products high intensity K-series mixers can mix and granulate in a single machine.

Our mixers can granulate powders to prevent segregation and ensure a homogeneous mixture. Powders granulated in the mixer provide uniform mixtures and uniform flow. This granulation process can improve the overall quality and increase density of the powder before pressing. This increased density prior to pressing results in a higher density and stronger part after pressing. The granulation process also allows for a dust free product for handling, bagging and transportation.

Lancaster Products has extensive experience with bulk material granulation and has worked on granulation projects such as:

  • Recovery of waste streams and dust from a steel mill. These waste streams can include floor sweeping, dust collected from the cupola and other general bag house dust collected throughout the process. These materials can then be combined and blended with a binding agent to allow reintroduction into the melting furnace.
  • Blend and granulation for production of iron ore pellets. Blending the iron ore with the bentonite prior to entering the standard balling drum ensures a more homogeneous mixture, thus resulting in a reduction in the amount of bentonite required to create the iron ore pellets. A reduction in bentonite usage resulted in a significant cost saving in the production of green iron ore pellets.

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