Molded Brick | Industrial Hydraulic Brick Press Machinery

The Lancaster AutoBrik Machines AutoBrik Machines, a.k.a. “The Posey Brick Press” or the Lancaster ABM are used to produce a high quality sand molded brick and water struck brick for the building industry. The new PLC controlled, hydraulically actuated Model 46H AutoBrik Machine is capable of producing up to 18,000 molded bricks per hour.

Kercher Industries Inc. has recently designed the new Lancaster Model 46H AutoBrik Machine Production System for our standard soft mud brick production line. This new design has proven to reduce maintenance costs and improve total operating efficiencies of the Lancaster AutoBrik Machine Production Systems, while maintaining the molded brick style that brick markets have come to appreciate and that brick producers have found so profitable, for over 150 years. This has made the Lancaster AutoBrik one of the most reliable and effective brick presses on the market.

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