Mixer Pelletizing


Lancaster Products is a world leader at providing high value pelletizing solutions for our customers.  Using our proprietary mixing knowledge and technology, Lancaster Products high intensity K-series mixers use a counter current rotating pan and high energy rotor to mix and pelletize in a single machine.  The Lancaster Mixer produces high yield, high quality pellets from the most sensitive of materials with little binder.


Lancaster Products combines decades of mixing experience, working across multiple industries, with the finest granulating and pelletizing mixer technology.  The K series mixers produce consistent and repeatable pellet sizes.  Because a Lancaster mixers can both mix and pelletize in the same operation it can supplant multiple pieces of mixing and pelletizing equipment in a process.  Our proprietary counter current mixing action allows the Lancaster Mixer to drastically reduce through-put times up to 90% and increase pelletization yields when compared to traditional mixing and pelleting equipment.  These improvements improve return on investment for our customers.  

Products by Industries that utilize Lancaster Mixers to pelletize in their production process

CeramicsMolding compounds, molecular strainers, proppants, dental compounds, cutting ceramics, grinding agents, oxide ceramics, grinding balls, ferrites

Building materials: Porosity agents for bricks, expanded clay, pearlite

Glass: Glass powder, carbon, lead glass mixtures

MetallurgyZinc and lead ore, aluminum oxide, silicon carbide, iron ore

Agricultural chemistry: Lime hydrate, dolomite, phosphate fertilizer, peat fertilizer, mineral compounds, sugar beet seeds

Environmental protection: Cement filter dusts, fly ash, slurries, dusts, lead oxide


Pelletized materials have many advantages over loose bulk material including;


·      Ease of transfer and shipping bulk materials handling specifically for superfine materials to prevent from going airborne for materials such as fertilizer, carbon black and fly ash

·      Increases flowability of product for ease of feeding, pouring and processing

·      Improves surface area of pellets for sintering, drying, melting, combustion

·      Pelletized materials compact better than powders and allow for better handling and allow for recycling of waste materials

·      Disposal of steel mill dust and particles, cement and lime kiln dust and friction material waste.

·      Reclamation of waste from steel mill revert fines, coal and coke fines, copper precipitates, kiln dust and other materials collected during the process.

·      Creation of Biomass pellets as a fuel source


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