K1-Lab Mixer

The Lancaster K-Lab Mixer has been newly engineered as the K1-Lab Mixer. The K-Lab series of mixers has been one of the best-selling laboratory mixers used for testing, experimentation and development of new processes. It is an economical and rugged machine that can also be used for small production work. The Lancaster K1-Lab Mixer adds a new dimension to a mixing/pelletizing process. The K-Lab mixers have repeatedly proven to be a minimal investment with maximum dividends in product development.


The K1-Lab Mixer has the same counter-current mixing design as all Lancaster Mixers with the clockwise rotating pan bringing material into the counter clockwise high speed rotor. This mixing design provides not only improved mix quality but can pelletize in one process step. The rotor and pan speed are infinitely variable. These features, combined with the rugged construction and the various styles of rotors available, make the Lancaster K1-Lab the mixer of choice for almost any type of batch mixing.

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Mechanical Design Features

  • Manageable stainless steel mixing pan with 0.5 cu.ft. capacity and lighter weight.
  • Large viewing port on the pan cover for adding process materials, observing the mix, and taking samples during the mixing process.
  • Work platform designed for the integrated support of the laboratory mixer and its electrical control components.

The K1-Lab Mixer also has a touch screen control allowing electronically controlled speeds. A thermal probe gives a report of temperature in real-time. There is a re-settable elapsed mixing timer that provides for total mix process cycle times. A pre-programmable mix design can be input into the control. The new control can also store and repeat mix cycles as well as communicate with other devices.

Electrical Control Features

  •  Digital Control within an HMI screen is located on an independent control stand.
  • Separated dual hand safety buttons for raising and lowering the mixing head.
  • Control items shown on the HMI
    • KW draw of pan motor and rotor motor.
    • Pan speed, switchable from ft/sec to m/sec.
    • Rotor speed, switchable from ft/sec to m/sec.
    • Timer that starts/stops with the machine.
    • Pan and rotor speeds input to the HMI before the mixer starts or adjusted during operation.
    • Thermocouple mix temperature reading.
    • Speed of rotor and pan at different operating frequencies.
    • In Auto Mode, a data record of operating functions can be exported to a USB or other device.

Optional Features

  • Pan heating and cooling available.


Attribute Imperial Metric
Pan Volume 0.7 cu.ft 20 Liters
Working volume 0.5 cu.ft 15 Liters
Pan motor ¾ Hp 0.6 Kw
Pan speed Variable to 50 rpm
Rotor motor 3 Hp 2.25 Kw
Rotor speed Variable to 3000 rpm
Weight 1100 Lbs 500 Kg
Overall Dimensions Length 40” 100 cm
Width 30” 75 cm
Height 53” 135 cm