Testing, Toll Processing and Equipment Rental Services

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From proof of concept testing to large scale toll processing, Lancaster Products provides full scale lab services. Whether looking to develop a new process or improving on an existing production, Lancaster Products can help. Lancaster Products guarantees for proof of concept K1-LAB testing that if we don’t produce satisfactory results, testing will be at no charge*.

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Testing typically begins with small batch testing in a K1-LAB Mixer at the Lancaster Products testing facility. To ensure optimal performance we recommend ramping up testing on a production sized mixer (K4 or larger) to simulate the field production environment. Lancaster Products also supports production sized testing at its facility.

*Within an acceptable range of size, yield, homogeneity or hardness from predefined criteria set prior to testing

Toll Processing

 For customers who aren’t ready to make the capital investment in a production mixer or need product immediately, Lancaster Products offers toll processing services. We can produce significant amounts of blended, homogenized, granulated or pelletized materials in our facility to satisfy our customers’ needs.

Equipment Rentals

 We also offer equipment rentals for testing or production. Customers can try equipment in their own facilities over a period of time so other factors related to the equipment itself such as footprint, size, location, electric and air, etc. can be evaluated as well. It is during these test runs that unanticipated issues are often identified and addressed, thus helping in both the proof of concept of the process itself, as well as any equipment modifications that may be required to fit the needs of the application.

Lancaster Products offers a variety of equipment rental possibilities. We have a fleet of mixers in a variety of sizes from the K1-LAB (0.5 ft. 3 capacity) to the K5 (24 ft. 3 capacity) that is ready for use by any company looking to run sample processing on-site in their own facility. While we offer rental terms of various durations, most tend to be short term.


• MIXERS — K1, K3, K4, K5

**availability of equipment may vary

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